Kenneth Wirth – The Drama League

Kenneth Wirth, with 40 years’ experience in the financial industry, serves as the chief executive officer of First Financial Resources, Ltd. Apart from his professional obligations, Kenneth Wirth takes delight in the theater and playing a behind-the-scenes role in plays such as Peter and the Starcatchers. His achievements as a producer and promoter earned him a seat on the board of the Drama League.Mr Wirth is the Business Manager for The Midtown Men, four members of the original Tony Award winning cast of Jersey Boys. Christian Hoff Michael Longoria Daniel Reichard and J Robert Spencer are in their forth year of touring the continent with their sold out shows.

Based out of New York, the Drama League promotes the theater and encourages audience interaction with playwrights and other creative persons. Every year, it hosts over 100 classes, panels, forums, and other events. Moreover, the Drama League supports future generations of artists by providing them with residencies and fellowships.

One of its most notable endeavors, the Drama League Artist Residency Program, allows theater directors and their colleagues to create new plays and musicals under the guidance of a production mentor. Those in the genesis stage of their works’ development can opt for the Short-Term Developmental Residency for Early-Stage Projects. Winners receive between 5 and 20 hours in a rehearsal space and a stipend of up to $500. Mid-stage projects in a dramaturgy phase can apply for a workshop residency and receive up to 40 hours in a rehearsal space and a stipend of up to $1,000. Finally, the Creative Residency for Advanced Projects supports plays nearing completion with up to 100 hours in a rehearsal space and a stipend of up to $4,000. Log onto to apply to this or other programs.


Meet the Four Stars of The Midtown Men

Kenneth Wirth, the CEO and founder of First Financial Resources, Ltd., also stays busy as the business manager of The Midtown Men. The popular group features the original four stars of the Tony-winning Broadway show Jersey Boys. Under the management of Kenneth Wirth, the quartet is currently on tour in the United States performing popular songs from the 1960s.

Christian Hoff is one of the stars of the successful Broadway show. Not only did he win a Tony for his role of Tommy DeVito in Jersey Boys, he is also a talented voice-over actor. His vocal work on Tell Me How You Love the Picture broke the record for the number of characters in an audiobook. Michael Longoria started out playing the role of Joey (Joe Pesci) in Jersey Boys, but he took over the role of Frankie Valli in 2007. He was also part of the original Tony award-winning cast of Hairspray. Cleveland’s Daniel Reichard played Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys. Before joining his cast mates to form The Midtown Men, he played Candide in the Leonard Bernstein opera. The fourth member of The Midtown Men, J. Robert Spencer, played Nick Massi in Jersey Boys. He has received numerous nominations for Tony awards over the years.