Facts about Broadway Theaters and Shows

 Peter and the Starcatcher pic

Peter and the Starcatcher
Image: ibdb.com

An executive with extensive experience in finance, Kenneth Wirth is also an accomplished professional in the world of theater. Kenneth Wirth has produced various Tony Award-winning Broadway shows, including Peter and the Starcatcher and Jitney.

Broadway has a long history dating back to the early 1900s. Here are some interesting facts about the historic theater district.

Broadway is comprised of a group of 40 professional theaters located in New York City at different areas in Midtown Manhattan, the Theater District, and Lincoln Center. Theaters with the capacity to hold at least 500 people are official Broadway theaters, while venues with between 100 and 499 seats are called off-Broadway theaters. Theaters with up to 99 seats are known as off-off-Broadway.

In the history of Broadway shows, the longest-running is the Phantom of the Opera, which has been performed over 11,400 times since its opening in 1988. In terms of the highest-grossing show, the Lion King stands out as having earned over $1.09 billion.

In the theater industry, the Tony Award is the most prestigious honor that can be bestowed to a show. The Tonys were first presented in 1947, when the award was a cigarette lighter for men and a compact for women. The Coast of Utopia (2007) and Fences (2010 revival) have received the highest number of Tony Award nominations to date. Each show was nominated 10 times. However, The Coast of Utopia has won the most Tony Awards.


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